Veedol leads the way in top quality car oil

A new chapter in the history of lubricants has begun in Bahrain with the launch of Veedol 20W50 Powertron Synthetic Blend Engine Oil from the UK.

Veedol is a name synonymous with quality and value among automotive lubricants. Automobile pioneer Henry Ford chose Veedol lubricant for the Ford Model T in 1914.

The Tidewater Oil Company, the parent of Veedol was set up in Pennsylvania, the birthplace of Liquid Gold Petroleum.

Since the 1900s, Veedol was chosen by well-known automobile manufacturers such as Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volvo, BMW and a host of Japanese and European majors.

Exciting achievements in its glorious history include being the chosen lubricant of world renowned aviators Charles Lindbergh who took the Graf Zeppelin on the longest, most challenging transatlantic flight.

Clyde Pangborn and Hugh Herndon made the first non-stop flight from Japan to the US; they named their monoplane ‘Miss Veedol’.

Veedol introduced the world’s first semi-synthetic engine oil way back in 1961.

Every drop of Veedol is refined from the best of the base oils and blended with top-notch additives. With aspirations to become one of the leading global lubricant brands Veedol completes stringent quality tests and research helping them to maintain a lead by offering a comprehensive range of synthetic and mineral automotive lubricants.

Veedol and its product brands are manufactured and licensed by Veedol International UK; manufactured in America, Europe, the UAE and India.

“The estimated annual lubricants consumption in Bahrain is about 15 million litres, growing at one per cent per annum,” said Veedol International General Manager Arun Kumar.

“The quality of Veedol products, world class distribution of our entire range coupled with the overall service delivery from our partners will help Veedol gain a decent space in the market place.”

The formal launch of Veedol 20W50 Powertron Synthetic Blend Engine Oil in Bahrain along with the unveiling of the product range was held at the Ramee International Hotel in Juffair on January 24.

“We are proud to be associated with Autoos, a trusted name in Bahrain, with decades of experience in the automotive sector, trade, travel and tourism,” said Veedol International Regional Manager Waseemuddin.


“Our objective is to establish Veedol as the most preferred lubricant brand in the country.

“Autoos has the capability to provide cutting-edge service to our customers.”

It gives Autoos great pride to be the designated exclusive partner and distributor for Bahrain, said Autoos general manager Gowtham G. “Veedol is now available across the country through our network of channel partners and backed by a fully-fledged sales team who are committed to offering unmatched service customers in Bahrain,” he added.

Veedol products include petrol and diesel engine oils, automatic transmission fluids, brake oils, hydraulic oils and more.

For unmatched protection, and cooler, cleaner engines, use Veedol engine oil, the people’s choice of oil for over a century.