The Legend Veedol: The Tidewater Oil Company is one of the oldest oil companies established in the US. Back in 1859, Sir Edwin Drake struck oil in the hills of Pennsylvania, the birth place of Liquid Gold – Petroleum. In 1861, Robert Hopkins and Byron Benson formed a company called the Enterprise Oil and Lumber Company. The name Enterprise was not the type of operation, but used because of it’s location in Enterprise, Pennsylvania. They renamed the Enterprise Oil and Lumber Company as the Tidewater Pipe Company, expecting to end up in or near the Tidewater seaboard. But the vision and hard work paved way for expansion beyond the continent and remained as Tidewater Associated Oil company [1881]. The two main products were then branded under the names Veedol [1913]and Tydol.

  • 1914

    Veedol was chosen as the motor oil for Ford Model T, Worlds first mass produced car by Henry Ford

  • 1928

    Graf Zeppelin the first airship to fly around the world.

  • 1931

    The engine lubricant for the first non-stop flight across the Pacific Ocean in the “Miss Veedol” plane.

  • 1949

    Veedol develops the first HD (Heavy Duty) engine oil for the German market.

  • 1978

    Formula 1 races, Veedol propelled engines

  • 1979

    Veedol synthetic oils are used for the flight of the Space Shuttle, Columbia, USA

  • 2011

    Tide Water Oil Co. (India) Ltd. acquires 100% shares of Veedol International Limited (VIL).

  • 2012

    Veedol International DMCC commences operations in the Middle East.

  • 2016

    Veedol acquires Granville Oil & Chemicals, U.K

  • 2018

    “Route du Rhum – Destination Grandeloupe”, Veedol Yatch wins the class 40 title

  • 2019

    Veedol team at the Nürburgring Grand Prix

  • 2020

    Dakar Rally, Veedol supported team at Africa Ecco Desert Rally

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