What’s synthetic motor Oil?

  • Synthetic motor oil is the motor oil consisting of chemical compounds those are artificially made. Synthetic motor oils are manufactured mainly using chemically modified petroleum components rather than whole crude oil, but can also be synthesized from other raw materials. Veedol Synthetic oil can be used as a substitute for lubricant refined from petroleum when operating in extremes of temperature, because, it provides superior mechanical and chemical properties than those found in traditional mineral oils. Fully synthetic motor oil is in use from 1970s. Semi-synthetic oils are blends of mineral oil with less than 30% synthetic oil. These are designed to have many benefits of the synthetic oil but at a lower cost of pure synthetic oil. Veedol introduced the world’s first semi-synthetic motor oil in 1966.
  • Synthetic base stock is highly refined paraffinic mineral base stock subjected to hydrocracking process to remove impurities and greatly increase the performance with respect to group I paraffinic mineral oil. This process enables the performance of a group III base stock to be on par with group V but with the ability to readily mix with group I, which most artificial synthetic bases cannot do. Therefore synthetics motor oils produced from Synthetic base stocks have a distinct advantage as they are miscible with mineral base engine oils. However, it is recommended to always drain and flush the engine running on mineral engine oil before changing over to synthetic oil
  • The Viscosity Index Improver in Veedol motor oil is a high performance poly methacrylate polymer which used at specific treat rates provides a stable in grade product even under severe conditions.

Why should I use synthetics motor Oil?

Motor oils are made up of base oils and additives. In general, fully synthetic motor oils contain non-conventional, high-performance fluids and additives to help prevent wear, keep the engine clean, flow easily, maintain viscosity, prevent rust and reduce friction. The result is a lubricant that remains liquid and slippery under the widest possible range of temperatures and engine conditions.

What’s the advantage for me by using synthetic motor oil? Is it superior to conventional motor oil?

The performance benefit of Veedol synthetic motor oil is more robust, especially in terms of low-temperature pumping and flow compared to conventional oils. High-temperature stability leading to the protection against deposits is also enhanced. These attributes translate into less engine wear, to help keep the engine running like new and a long engine life.

Conventional oils fail to match the performance of synthetic oils in specific areas of low-temperature performance and high-temperature oxidation stability. The mineral base stocks used in conventional motor oils may contain significantly more impurities, such as aromatics and other undesirable contaminants that cannot be completely removed by conventional refining of crude oil.

What happens when different synthetic motor oils are mixed together?

Veedol synthetic oil is fully compatible with conventional motor oils, semi-synthetic motor oils and other synthetic motor oils, should it be necessary to mix them. However, it is important to note that the superior performance of Veedol synthetic oils – Syntron, Powertron and Maratron will be reduced drastically by diluting it in any way. You should always check the owner’s manual prior choosing the motor oil for your vehicle.

Are there advantages in using synthetic motor oil in car, light commercial and in heavy duty vehicles?

  • Veedol Syntron offers ultimate performance to those prestige seekers, who are looking for OEM performance standards.
  • Veedol Powertron is for those self-made achievers, who want power as well as protection with their investment while preventing inconvenience
  • Veedol Maratron is specifically developed & optimized for light and heavy duty trucks opting for longer drain intervals as well as more vehicle downtime. However it is advised to follow your owner’s manual for recommended oil and filter change frequencies.

Dos and Don’ts while disposing of used synthetic motor oil?

  • You should always follow the same health, safety, security and environmentally sound procedures that you do with conventional motor oil. Never ever dump used motor oil in the trash.
  • You are not supposed to pour the used oil on the ground or down the sewer or storm drain.
  • You have to always place the used motor oil in a closed container.
  • You have to always take it to a service station or a collection location that recycles used motor oil.
  • You should not burn the used motor oil in a space heater.
  • You should never mix motor oil with other substances, such as gasoline or antifreeze, which will adversely affect the recycling process.

Can I mix different synthetic motor oils together?

Veedol Synthetic oil is fully compatible with conventional mineral motor oils, semi-synthetic motor oils and other synthetic motor oils, if needed to mix them. However, it is important for you to note that the superior performance of Veedol synthetic oil will be reduced by diluting it in any ways.

Do I need to flush my engine to switch to Veedol Syntron, Veedol Powertron or Maratron oil?

You can start using Veedol synthetic oil in new vehicles at any time, even in your brand new vehicles. Current engine manufacturing technology does not require the break-in period. Veedol synthetic motor oil can be used starting from day one you drive the car off the showroom. On the old vehicles also you can start the synthetic motor oil from now.

If I start using Veedol synthetic motor oil will it cancel the warranty on my new car?

Veedol synthetic motor oils extended performance standards will not affect any new car warranties. Still, always check your vehicle owner’s manual or contact your vehicle manufacturer.

Do Veedol synthetic oils require use of a special oil filter?

Veedol synthetic recommends that you always use a high-quality filter, you can use the same type of oil filter that you would normally use with conventional oil

Can I use Veedol synthetic motor oil in diesel engines?

Yes you can. For cars, Veedol offers you Syntron SN/CF & Powertron SL/CF and for heavy duty truck engines that require API CI-4, there’s Veedol Maratron. For certain passenger car and light duty truck diesel engines, Veedol Powertron is appropriate.

What are the chances of Veedol synthetic oils leaking out of the seals of older cars?

Veedol synthetic oils do not cause leaks. Veedol synthetic motor oil was tested against industry standard and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) tests to prove its seal performance. It is fully compatible with the elastomeric materials from which all automotive seals and gaskets are normally made. If an older engine is in good condition and does not have oil leaks, Veedol synthetic oils provide the same advantages as when used in a new engine.

How can Veedol Synthetic Motor Oil help my engine run cleaner?

Over time, conventional oils are tending to form sludge, which can reduce the engine’s efficiency and, finally, reduce the life of your engine. Synthetic oils contain fewer impurities and are designed to better resist the formation of sludge, therefore maintaining their ability to flow i.e. maintaining the same viscosity and preventing deposits from forming. Normal industry standard test measuring sludge protection and engine cleanliness, Veedol synthetic motor oil is provided outstanding sludge protection.

Can Veedol Synthetic Motor oil assist in engine protection?

Unlike conventional oils, the molecules in synthetic oils are more uniform in size, which further reduces friction in your engine, as seen in the illustration below. Simply put, less internal friction helps an engine last longer the advanced formulation of Veedol synthetic motor oil helps to neutralizes acids that eat the engine and defends against the buildup of iron particles that scrape the engine parts. These are just two on the ways that Veedol synthetic Oil unsurpassed protection against wear and keeps your engine running like new.

How is the performance affected during peak temperature & harsh weather conditions?

Veedol synthetic range of motor oil provides outstanding high-temperature protection and is proven to protect at engine temperatures up to 300-400°F. Mores so, Veedol Syntron & Veedol Powertron provided superior performance versus conventional oils when tested for high-temperature deposit formation. On any extended drive or under the stop-and-go traffic your engine will get hot. This heat can cause conventional motor oil to oxidize, thicken and leave deposits, which can affect your engine’s performance. While conventional oils are designed to protect during normal conditions, Veedol synthetic oils can resist much higher temperatures