Veedol launches the Engine oil for 10,000 KMs service at Dubai International Motor Show

Veedol, widely known as The Professional’ s Choice in Motor Oil…For over a century; today unveiled their new synthetically engineered engine oil Powertron 20W-50 at region’s largest and most prestigious automobile event the Dubai International Motor show, held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, from 10-14 November.Veedol Powertron 20W-50, powered by synthetic technology and manufactured in the United Kingdom is another outstanding product from its stable. UAE Government is taking the lead and policy shift to have the cars serviced at every 10,000 KMs from the ongoing practice of servicing at 5000 KMs. Veedol, always stood and matched its product offering the expectations of car manufacturers and local government regulations. Throughout the hundred year old history, Veedol always believed and stood by its commitment towards product innovation and stayed in the forefront of technology. The synthetic technology used in Veedol Powertron 20W-50 oil helps to neutralize acids that cause corrosion of automobile engine parts and the buildup of sludge deposits.“Veedol is the first to offer your favorite 20W-50 engine oil with synthetic technology in the Middle East region. Better protection & performance, efficiency, economy and longevity are the main benefits with the new Powertron 20W-50 grade oil, another first from Veedol”. While the consumers will have a savings on their oil, it also ensures their engines remain clean and cool for longer period compared to any normal oil.”Veedol Powertron 20W-50 backs its claim in action! It spreads a protective and impregnable film that is tough as steel and smooth as silk over every moving part every second the engine is running ensuring unbeatable protection. The synthetic technology with detergent action in Powertron 20W-50 works continuously to keep the engine clean, cool and free from sludge deposits. This multi grade oil is more stable and retains its properties even in the extreme and tough conditions of the Middle East region. Maintenance free days are ahead for the users of Powertron 20W-50 oil, that ensures owners / drivers need to go for oil changes only after every 10,000 KMs. Appropriately called the trademark Veedol film of protection, it keeps the lubrication protected under extreme driving conditions and ensures the enginesare running free from noise and vibrations. Above all Powertron 20W-50 oil last longer than any conventional mineral oil.Visitors to the Veedol stand ( #840 IN Hall No. 8) are given an excellent opportunity to win a 1L free bottle of Veedol Oil and other Veedol branded complements.Contact your nearest Galadari Automobiles Co. Ltd L.L.C or Veedol dealer and change to Powertron 20W-50 today .