The Professional’s Choice in Motor Oil... For over a century

Khalil Bin Ebrahim Kanoo group join hands with Veedol, “The professional choice in Motor Oil, For over a century” to bring New Generation Engine oils to the Kingdom.

Veedol Motor oil, a global brand trusted for over a century by motorists worldwide has just announced their partnership with International Motor Trad... read more

Veedol International Business Partner Meet 2017

Veedol distributor partners in the Middle East and Africa had a three-day Business Meet at the breathtakingly beautiful Zimbali Fairmont Coastal Res... read more

Ford Veteran and Vintage Tour 2018, Durban.

The biggest Ford Veteran and Vintage Tour of the past 35 years took place at the George Old Car Show where fifty-two vehicles, comprising of no less t... read more

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Sync with Synthetic

Sync with Synthetic

Synthetic motor oil is that motor oil consisting of chemical compounds those are artificially made. Synthetic motor oils are manufactured mainly using chemically modified petroleum components rather than whole crude oil..

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