Maratron LH


Veedol Maratron LH 10W-40 is a top-tier mixed fleet synthetic multi-grade engine oil suitable for use in the latest heavy-duty diesel and petrol engines. It meets the latest ACEA and API performance levels and is formulated for use in Euro III and Euro IV technology vehicles where low SAPS levels are not specified. It also meets exhaust emission standards, sustains engine performance where exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is used with diesel fuels containing up to 0.5% Sulphur.

Performance Specification

Veedol Maratron LH 10W-40 meets the performance requirements of the following:

API: CI-4/SL | ACEA: A3/B3, A3/B4, E4, E7 | MB 228.5 | SCANIA: LDF2| MAN 3275 | Volvo VDS-3 | MACK EO-M+ |

CUMMINS: CES 20071/20072/20076/20077/20078 | Renault RLD | Global: DHD-1 | MF: M1139/M1143/M1145

Features / Benefits
  • SAE 10W-40

  • Long-lasting dispersant, anti-wear and corrosion protection. Excellent thermal and oxidation stability
  • Excellent high and low-temperature performance
  • Protects against wear and ring sticking at high temperatures maintaining engine and oil performance
  • Excellent protection for European, US and Japanese engines
  • Extended oil drain intervals and low oil consumption
  • Suitable for mixed fleet having a diesel and petrol engines

Available Grades

SAE 10W-40

Available Sizes