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About Veedol

The Legend Veedol: The Tidewater Oil Company is one of the oldest oil companies established in the US. Back in 1859 Sir Edwin Drake struck oil in the hills of Pennsylvania, the birth place of Liquid Gold – Petroleum.

In 1861 Robert Hopkins and Byron Benson formed a company called the Enterprise Oil and Lumber Company. The name Enterprise was not the type of operation, but used because of it’s location in Enterprise, Pennsylvania, they renamed the Enterprise Oil and Lumber Company as the Tidewater Pipe Company, expecting to end up in or near the Tidewater seaboard. But the vision and hard work paved way for expansion beyond the continent and remained as Tidewater Associated Oil company [1881]. The two main products were then branded under the names Veedol [1913] and Tydol. 

From a humble beginning Veedol brand was chosen by the professional’s for the World’s first mass produced car model T by Mr. Henry Ford in 1914. As years pass by acceptance and applications grew that lead to being chosen for automobile, aviation and industrial applications. Heritage, premium quality, professional and evolution are some of the images that describes Veedol brand. 

Throughout the last century the brand was chosen by major OEM manufacturers due to the quality Veedol offered. The quality of the base oils, research & technology added with the best-of-the additives ensures that Veedol products superior.

Future is very exciting, we begin the new journey with inspiration from the past and continues our journey with a clear vision for the future, which is to strive to be the on top of the mind of every discerning consumer during the purchase of automotive engine oil”. This is only possible by delivering unmatched service levels, product quality and acceptance by our buyers which will culminate in life-long loyalty for Veedol. Veedol team’s motto is to provide an opportunity to everyone associated with Veedol to discover their personal interpretation of The Professional’s Choice that supports what we delivers, every day.